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Knoemd lvl 80 Balance druid - REJECTED

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1 Knoemd lvl 80 Balance druid - REJECTED on Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:54 pm

Character Details

Name: Knoemd
Class: Druid
Spec: Balance
Realm: Eonar

Armory profile: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Eonar&cn=Knoemd

Playtime and Raiding

Daily Playtime: Around 1 hour when im not raiding.

Availability Info:
Sunday: yes
Monday: 3x a month
Thuesday: 3x a month
Wednesday: yes
Thursday: yes
Friday: yes
Saturday: yes

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft: I've been playing WoW since The Burning Crusade came out and thats around 3 year's

What's your raiding experience pre-TBC: I have done all raid's in lvl 80

What's your raiding experience TBC: I have done all up to Mount Hyjal before the new expansion and done BT in lvl 80

What's you raiding experience WOTLK: i have done all except some hard mods in Ulduar and some of the later bosses in Icecrown Citadel

Can you provide us a recent WWS report: NO i can't but I'm a quick learner.

Your favorite boss encounter: that must be the Gunship battle. Who doesn't like to fly with rocket pack's?

Your favorite WoW related website and/or forum: that would be www.wow-europe.com because I don't really look for a specific place to chat with other guild's

Any lvl 80 alts: I got a lvl 80 DK with bad gear that barely can do heroics'

Class Details

Why did you pick your class: FLIGHT FORM!

What do you consider to be your role in high end PvE raiding: That is to do what my class can do and to do what is required of me.


What guilds have you been in since you began, what did you like/dislike about them, and why did you leave: i have been in aeon and that's the only guild that i have been in. The guild and the people in it was great. I just didn't like all the drama in it. And i left because it fell apart and became a social guild.

What can you offer Quality: I can offer company, help and someone that can help you out with different thing's. also i offer all that my class can offer.

What do you expect from us: Since i've been in aeon i don't really expect much more than that you people know what to do.

Do you know anyone from Quality: i know Anteia the shadow priest and Discoteka. I probobly know some more ppl just that I don't know if they're in the guild or not.

Real life details

Age: 18
Gender: male
Location: Norway
Occupation: stuff

Your english skills, spoken and written: It's great depending if I can be asked to type 100% correct.

Are you able to use a microphone during raids: Yes I will

Describe your personality: I would say that I'm a nice guy.

Any additional information you want to share with us: IF you get to know me you'll know all you need to know.

Have you read the guild rules: Ofc i have

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2 Re: Knoemd lvl 80 Balance druid - REJECTED on Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:59 am

No idea who Anteia is.

Your application was made under 30 secs, should get an achievement for that.


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