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Shandriz - Priest application - ACCEPTED

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1 Shandriz - Priest application - ACCEPTED on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:50 pm

Character Details

Name: Shandriz
Class: Priest
Spec: Holy, with shadow as off spec.
Realm: Eonar, alliance.

Armory Profile: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Eonar&n=Shandriz

Playtime and Raiding

Daily Playtime? Usually between 3-7 hours a day.

Availability Info:
Sunday: Mostly all day
Monday: 19:00 - 24:00
Tuesday: 19:00 - 24:00
Wednesday: 19:00 - 24:00
Thursday: 19:00 - 24:00
Friday: 16:00 if im home.
Saturday: 16:00 if im home.

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? Almost for 5 years, just a few months after release.

What's your raiding experience pre-TBC? Back in TBC i was just one of those awful scrubs, i remember being in a decent casual raiding guild, called Circle of Shadows, who never brought me to raids, as i didnt know how to install add0ns Smile. Once they brought me to ZG, and cleared most of it. I then made my own raiding guild, since my EPEEN was higher than my skills back then. I remember we went on first boss, seeing all my assigned healers, being retpalas swing swong and swang their swords and axes on the boss, and we never really got further.

What's your raiding experience TBC? I played my paladin up, very slowly. I saw this epiX for honor, and played some arena to 1700ish rating, but never raided on it.. I quit the game.. Or atleast for some month, i deleted my account. New account --> Shandriz, played it up, started raiding Kara, and pugged Maggy and Gruul. I believe i joined a guild called No Rémorse, who brought me to archimonde kill (but someone stated that he wasnt dead in lore?, well i just saw purples as his loot.)

What's your raiding experience WOTLK? I started playing a DK, and back then i made an application for Omen, i have changed my mind towards the game, it was much more than purples. They questioned all my lvl 78 crafted gear, but they took me in. I cleared Naxx, OS and EoE early on with them. I then learned how the wiping worked through OS25 3D up. I didnt mind at all, i just saw how we improoved. One day i cancelled the raid, no idea why, and they killed it. I had a vacation, Omen turned into Dead End, i joined for a short, but needed a break. Joined Behemoth, killed 13/14 with them. But my break werent off, i simply had some IRL issues i had to tackle at home.
But since you might get annoyed by my life history ill just start on the important.
ICC25 7/12 <-- I quitted Sequentia since people didnt show up for progression.
ICC10 10/12, which is quite poor.
Also pugged my way through other raids, but thats barely an achievement.

Can you provide us a recent WWS report? I havent used WWS since Omen.

Your favorite boss encounter? Cant make up my mind, but i like Dreamwalker when things goes smooth, since my role is turned around.

Your favorite WoW related website and/or forums? Forums.wow-europe, mmo-champion, and Elitistjerks for EP-values, if im unsure of what stats to gem for, on alts etc, some guys have been so nice to give me the values of each stat <'3

Any level 80 alts?
Chania - Blood DK
Kánthar - Enha Shaman

Class Details

Why did you pick your class? Ive allways played hybrids, endgame healed as Holy Pala, Resto Shaman and Holy/disc priest. No doubt that i enjoyed the priest diversity of spells the most. PoM and Binding heal as some of my favorite spells, BH being very situational, could be if im marked on saurfang. Also the feeling of it, i feel like a healer, while on my shaman i feel like wasting mana when chain heal wont jump from target to target. And the feeling you get MCing someone out from the cliffs in AB is sweet. Which rarely happends.

What do you consider to be your role in high end PvE raiding?
A healer, being able to fill multible slots, ( i can easily change shadow into disc ). Being able to cure diseases, remove magic from friendly aswell as hostile targets. Heavy healing on all players, at AoE encounters, its my job to let them survive, while other healers should put some focus at keeping them at full hp.


What guilds have you been in since you began, what did you like/dislike about them, and why did you leave?
Omen/Dead End: My first real guild experience, it was great fun, good leaders, casual settings, with a large pool of players, leaving some on bench, but you wouldnt be kicked for taking a day of either.
Behemoth: I werent in Behemoth for a long, but i just remember i didnt enjoy it as much as Omen/Dead End.
Sequentia: Well, they dragged me in on my priest, which i didnt play much on, i thought they were some bad scammers, but they werent, very skilled players, unfortunately we just stopped progressing, i bet it could have gone far, but i chose to leave with my IRL friend, to make our own 10man guild --->
Exhilaration/Facade: We made Exhilaration, our recruiting went well, but it seemed like the players we got wasnt made up for raiding, they just wanted the loot from clear nights. Therefore we merged with Asylum, to make some competition about spots, and let the players bring their best game. Sadly i dont feel it goes well enough, not that im a quitter, it just wont happend. The best guys from Exhilaration leaved, as they didnt get what we wholeheartedly promised them. Also we had to kick some of our skilled players, as they ninjaed like it was a job.
What can you offer Quality?

What do you expect from us?
Focused raiding, while the schedule gives some time to breathe. As in the schedule serves me perfectly.
I also see it as a nice community, where it is possible to have a laugh while not raiding.

Do you know anyone from Quality?
Not really, but if i am correct i might have seen Pumpingiron on his mage in your guild. As i remember him from Sequentia. We were in the same 10man progression run.

Applying for other guilds while filling in this apply?
Not at all Wink

Real life details

Name: Daniel
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Location: Denmark
Occupation: Student

Your english skills, spoken and written? Above average if im trying. Sometimes i might mumble.

Are you able to use a microphone during raids? In theory yes, but it wont work in this computer at this point, but in all others. I think its a driver issue i have to fix.

Describe your personality? adventurous, curious and i have an opinion on most things, but i know when i should keep it for myself, and not offend people, since my opinion might be alot stupider than others.

Any additional information you want to share with us?
Well, it have been a long week for me, i hope i get a chance even though my experience is far from good. I believe im skilled enough for the hardmodes, im loyal and i can take criticism. I believe there will always be room for learning, as new encounters will recruirer a new playing style!

Have you read the guild rules?

Best regards
//Shandriz Smile

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2 Re: Shandriz - Priest application - ACCEPTED on Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:27 am

Contact me ingame for further discussion.


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3 Re: Shandriz - Priest application - ACCEPTED on Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:36 am

Just a few points I have regarding your gearing and specing;

Regarding your spec it should look more towards http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bVcbuZfE0cbMqihhcuAo , a priest is a raid healer (most of the cases!) and should therefore drop points in Divine Fury and Empowered Healing since you won't use neither flash heal/greater heal that much, and will benefit more from Serendipity and Blessed resilience; as well as Spell Warding, survivability is something you shouldn't neglect.

Glyphs; replace glyph of FH with GS, FH is a sucky glyph for holy comparing to the other glyphs available. For the last spot play around with renew/poh depending on encounter.

Gear; I'd replace those int/spi gems with sp/int or sp/spi because your regen should be more than enough right now, you are siting at 25k+ and 1354 which is a lot of regen :p Also, considering you're using only 2p t10, you should also use 2p t9, because that set bonus is more than awesome on some fights (LK, BQL, Sindra, etc.)

I'm drunk right now and just got home so bear with me if i made some stupid mistakes while writing this geek

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4 Re: Shandriz - Priest application - ACCEPTED on Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:29 pm

Cint i completely agree, the int/spirit gems is some old gems from months ago, when i couldnt keep my mana up.
Also people told about my spec before, and ill fix that asap Smile

No bad excuses from me


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5 Re: Shandriz - Priest application - ACCEPTED on Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:25 am

Accepted on trial.

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