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Ruginon - Warrior - Fury & Proction - Pending

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1 Ruginon - Warrior - Fury & Proction - Pending on Sun May 30, 2010 11:26 pm

Character Details

Name: Ruginon
Class: Warrior
Spec: Proc/Fury
Realm: Eonar

Armory Profile:


Playtime and Raiding

Daily Playtime?

Normal i play from 17.30gt and when i wake up in the weekend

Availability Info:
Sunday: Yes
Monday: From 20.20gt
Tuesday: yes
Wednesday: yes
Thursday: yes
Friday: yes
Saturday: yes

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

Since 24/12-08

What's your raiding experience pre-TBC?

I have done them, when i was levling or just for fun as lvl80

Zul'aman – Clear
Karazhan – Clear
Zul´Gurub – Clear
Blackwing lair – Clear

Still miss Molten Core .(

What's your raiding experience TBC?

I start there, and have done this, when levling or as fun raids at lvl80

Karazhan - Clear
The Black Temple – Clear
ZulÁman - Clear

What's your raiding experience WOTLK?

Ulduar 10 – Still miss Assembly of iron
Ulduar 25 – 5 /15
Naxx 10 – Clear & 25 4/15
OS10 – 3d up & OS25 Clear
EoE 10 – Clear
Onyxia 10 & 25 clear
Totc10 & 25 clear
ICC10 7/12 & ICC25 4/12

Can you provide us a recent WWS report?
Sorry no

Your favorite boss encounter?

Thats hard, cos there is so many. But Onyxia in 25 mode, have a place in my heart. It was the first time, i verly begin to understand what a boss fight is, as tank. And do dps on the big adds as fury is lovely. But a burn Tauren dont smells good

There is also The Faction in Totc. Lot of fun, and always a challenge. Also Ignis the Furnace Maste. Maybe it is "easy" this days, whit all that gear peps have. But crap it have be hard times there.

But all the ICC boss, i until now have try, is verly funny, and there is a lot of team work in there.

U can go in there, whit what u think is a dream team, and fail if peps not are up for it. All have to do there best, if u want to do more than just trash. Focus is often the key word and a fresh cup of coffe. Maybe a simple regroup is, just what u need.

Your favorite WoW related website and/or forums?

Wowi.dk, tankspot.com, wow-europe.com (Forum, armory), elitistjerks.com, mmo-champion.com, curse.com. Wowace.com, bosskillers.com, leran2playwow.com, wow-heroes.com, wow.com

Any level 80 alts?
No. Until now, i just have focus on my warrior. There is a lot of works, when u want both the dps/and tank spec to be ok. I have begin to lvl. some alts. But turning up, playing on my warrior, cos i simple just love to play him

Class Details

Why did you pick your class?

I just love the thought about, do damage whit 2x2H wepon. Be a warrior in the front, fighting aginst monster, and trying to do what i can. So the group i am in, can defeat the big monster.

When i was geting wow in christmas gift, from my kids, And read about the warrior, It cut simple, not wait, to begin play whit him.

I have try to lvl. Othere char. But i have to say, I simple just love my warrior. I know that there is othere classes, that maybe can do more dps, maybe be better on multi adds when tanking and so. I have hear that, and read that... But my warrior is stable like a rock. And i love to play him.

What do you consider to be your role in high end PvE raiding?

If i come to the guild (If u accept me ofc) and i have be there for some time, we can then talk about what role, i have get. There is a lot of great gammers in the guild, there know what wow is about. So i will just try to fit in, and that way get my roll.


What guilds have you been in since you began, what did you like/dislike about them, and why did you leave?

The Northeners – Verly a good guild, whit a lot of nice players. Was there for more than 1½ year. But just want to try out what a rading guild is.

Perseverance – Was my next guild. It start verly great, a lot of peps, was online. Some verly awsom raids. Good guild master and a verly great RL. But after a time, peps dint come to raids. Even they sign up. But in there i verly find out of, that rading is me.

What can you offer Quality?

A nice guy. Do know that all guilds member have a responsibility, in the guild. I do not know all about wow or rading. But it is a learningcurve, and i dont want to stop now. So i hope it is time for me to take a verly big step.

What do you expect from us?
A stable guild and give me a chance to raid. If not, i hope i can have a good time in Quality. And see what time brings.

Do you know anyone from Quality?

I know some. But it is me that are apply. And it is not fair, to mention any names, If it turns out, that the GM, just want to kick me after a short time.

Applying for other guilds while filling in this apply?

Real life details

Name: Jan
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Location: Denmark (Game time zone)
Occupation: IT in ground school

Your english skills, spoken and written?
It is not my nativ language. But think it is ok, and in the end of the day, peps are understadning me.

Are you able to use a microphone during raids?
I can use one.

Describe your personality?

Loyal, Focus, have a open mind, ”There shall be space for us all”. Mature.

Any additional information you want to share with us?

I am apply for Quality, in the hope, that i can be in the same guild, whit some awsom players. I have meet in my time on Eonar. They have turn out to be some i verly like to raid whit. And now i hope, that i again, can play and raid whit them, cos we are fare from finish, the study of rading.

I have try many diffent things, in my wow life. From be a noob, to more experience, be a officere etc.

Else i just love to play wow, in my sparetime. This is my hobby, and ofc i love that part of it, that some of my kids also play it.

I am just a human, and i also make fault now and them. But i want to learn of them. And it is stupid, if i dont learn something from them.

I dont mind wipes, Cos it can be a part of a learning process. And it is just a part of the game. Some is just forgetting, that rading is not easy and it requires a lot of the players.

Have you read the guild rules? Yup, it is fair rules and easy to live whit.

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His english isn't that good like you see.

But I must admit its a great guy, he is fun and a nice raider.
I was his privious GM/raidleader. And he does verry well.

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Looking at your gear, it will be really hard to keep up with the dps needed in HMs.

You should've chosen the agi/arp/crit quel'dalar version, it's better than the one you have. This makes me wonder do you keep yourself updated on theorycrafting?

Everything else looks nice and dandy, from what I can see.

You lack a lot experience (and gear), good luck with the app though!

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He's a great guy and a teamplayer, he'll have my vote Very Happy

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Thanks for the replay,, and the very nice words Smile

Cint: U are totaly right about, that whit the gear i have now, that Quel'Delar, Ferocity of the Scorned http://www.wowhead.com/item=50049 Will be fare better than Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful.

But at the moment when i was so lucky to get it. I have a crappy ArP, and even whit that, i wil only have a crap ArP. And i verly cut not wait until , i have get better gear. From f.eks. ICC. One reason, was that it was, that i cut take me months before i finaly will get a new gear (get to f.eks. ICC and the win it).

So i took that decision, whit all that info i cut get, about my char, and a lot of advice from freinds, that i will be better whit Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful. Until i have better gear. Cos i will do a littel more dps. And also the fact, That to many only look on GS, when they want a "pug" to come to there raid.

So i was in that siuation, that i need some dps, now and here. And also want to come to raid. And need the GS. ( I know, that many now, dont like the GS) But at that moment, when i was working on it.. All only was looking on GS.

One othere thing, that also have be in all this whit Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful, Is that before i was comming to Perseverance, I was "duel spec" in my former guild.

My "role" there was, to have a ok fury and a ok tank. Maybe even, one of the "top" spec, in both dps and tank. Cos that just was my role, in that guild.

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Like Cint said, your gear is way to low for ICC HM'S, so is your raid experience.
ICC HM'S require raid exp and good gear, even with that 20% buff.
Anyways GL.

PS:Since when can trials vote who gets in? Neutral

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I agree with Tomek

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Tomek Thanks for u replay. It gave me something to think about. I know that i am bad to write english, i know that. But in my applications i was trying to write it. In a way, so it dint look like, that i was trying to come to Quality to get in to ICC HM´s, right away. It is something that can come, when it fit in, to the GM, RL and Officers Plan. Or what u have or the way u have build up the guild.

I was hoping, that i cut come in to the guild, and do some ICC10/25 or othere raids. Maybe whit some of u alts (pug alts), new commers, trail etc. And that way build up, in a more long term way. And one day, maybe in 1 or 2 months. Be able to do raids like u are doing. Cos i maybe have a good chance in the guild, to come more often to some runs. Cos it looks like u are a stable guild whit a lot of members. Where f.eks. friday, saturday are open for othere raids.

Ofc, i know that i have a good way yet, Before i am at the same level as u top warrior, in fury and proction spec. But i will apologize, if it look like, that i want to compete whit all u warriors. I was more hoping, that i cut learn something, from some of the best warrior and raiders on Eonar.

I dont come to Quality. And thinking, that i have the best gear, Know all about rading. Verly dont hope, is that view u have get from may applications. If so, then i will apologize for that. Cos i have never ment that.

It is not me that have done LK, it is u. I will just shit in my pants if i come to ICC HM´s today or tomorrow or even in the near future

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I didn't vote but its a thing paniny always say Very Happy so dont worry

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Guild Master
I'd like some tanks replying here as well before making a decision. We've been warned about your english but have also been told you're very willing to adapt and learn.

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Well your gem choices are wierd , u shouldn`t gem for pure expertise and hit like u did(if u insist on taking the socket bonuses) pick up 10 exp 15 stamina and 10 hit 15 stamina instead , your overall experience with hard modes and normal modes is very low aswell as your gear i sugest you gear up first than try to reapply because we allready have 5 tanks and 2 of them are trials and i don`t think you would get a spot in the raids in the near future and it wouldnt be fair to you if you were stuck on the bench all the time

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Decent gear and build as a tank, that's not a problem. However as other people have said, problems might arise in ICC25 hard modes if you don't have the experience. It depends on how fast learning and confident you are that you can pick up the more difficult fights quickly and follow instruction.

GL with apply

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Who are u Blaine?

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A previous tank of ours, who seems to have reappeared on the scene! Come back Blaine!

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Guild Master
Ros wrote:Who are u Blaine?

Our old MT, I asked him to check it out.

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Ok thank you for you applicastion first!
just a few questions: youre spec (bare in mind im no exspet when it comes to your class) why have you gone 2 into iorn will and not improved charge?
second why have you gone in to focoused rage and not in to full shild specil and improved revenge?
ok second youre glyphs seem wrong( again correct me if i am) glyph of cleve/glyph of last stand and other seem to be better choices then the ones you have now?(exsept for the shild wall one)
gems are wrong unfounterly wrong you need to either gem full stam if you got cap with out it or anything with 9 stam set bonus fill it. and the gems you shoudl use are something and stam. for example Exp/Stam or Dodge/Stam for red. for yelow Hit/Stam and Def/Stam.
youre gear looks good exsept for the onixa trinket.. its not very good at all and id be surprised witht eh gear you got that you havnt got defence cap with out it. insted you should aim for the Black heart from TOTC 5 man. this would be great for your gear set up.
for youre enchants you need to chage blood draining to blade bairrier and maybe the enchant on gloves to either 30 stam or if you have threat problems to armsman. and change roket boot on boots to stam or stam + runspeed
ok well hope that helps you on youre way to being a better equiped tank Very Happy and please /w me if need anymore help or questions and gl in youre ap.

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bare in mind im am realy tired wilse wirting this so makes no sense then shhhh

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Quit yo'w jibba jabba bull!

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First of all. Many, many thanks. For all the great advice, there is comming. And it is verly awsom of u. To take u time, and replay like u doing. Thats seriously talk, i like that.

Yeah, i am not so good whit all that writing, Cos i am wordblind. I can read, talk, listen and understand english. But i will never going to be a journalist lol, i know that. But it is just a handicap. But i know where my buttons and shortcut´s are. Smile

Hmmm,, I hope u all, dont think that i am trying to come to Quality, and take a spot from one of u tanks or melee dps. Thats verly not the reason, way i applay to Quality.

Like Ros i saying, U have 5 tanks right now, And thats not going to be change in the near future and what i can understand on it, and what armory, wow-heroes, inspect and freinds etc. Are telling me, Is that u all so have a lot of verly good melee dps.

But like, many of is said. I can and ofc need to adjust my gear. Like Ros and special the great advice from BiggBull is telling me. Maybe i misunderstand Blaine, It is a start, and something to work whit.

I have until now, trying to have, someking of balance in both my spec. Cos of the roles, i was having earlier, before my last guild. That was having focus on Rading. Sadely just close down.

So often, special in pug groups. I have change to tank. And step, by step. I have build up a spec/gear. That quick cut fit in to any group as a kind of "backup" tank. Cos it is not fair. If i am going to change spec, in the middel of a raid. And the othere tank, that are staying, not a going to be MT, if here/he want.... I am there for the rading and experience. And if i am lucky, i maybe will get some new gear. And it dont matter for me, if i am dps or tank.

Ofc, it can be a litte crap. When i change spec, and then see, that there is some awsom loot, for the spec, i just have change from. But thats life, and the drop will come again some othere day or week.

About my gear, gem/ench.. Puu ha. Much more easy to talk english than write it Smile. And there i can just say,, Yeah Biggbull, there is something to adjust for a rading guild i know that. But whit my opportunity so fare, I simple just have to stay alive, do the job as tank and be in top10 on recount as dps. Else the raid is endning verly fast for me.

But gear is gear, and wow is wow. And u need to adjust u to the guild, group and situation u are in. There will always be one in the game, that have better gear, do more dps, tps, have try out more, earn more gold than i am etc. And thoes, i want to liste and learn from. And in Quality u are some of them.

So when it come´s to the end of the day. I can not ofre u Dram, a big ego a lazy man. But i can ofre u a mature man, that love wow, want to lean, adjust my char and gamming. I have pre ordere Cat, so i am sure, that i can be a part of all this wow world life, also next year.

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Blaine we miss you!

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We don't really have a spot for a dps warrior right now, but if your tanking gear is good, and you're happy to be accepted as a tank, then we will accept you on trial.

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Hey Cagael.

Thats sound verly great and many thanks to u and the rest of the team.

About my gear. What i know is that i need to adjust my gear so it fit in, like some of u have point out. And i am trying to have a w whit biggbull, Just to clear out, some of the verly good point´s he was writing. Or if some of u, have time.. U are more than welcome to w me. If u have the time, and ofc, want to do it.

Have work on gems, spec, glyphs and trinket. So fare so good. It can still be better, but now it is, much about some ok/nice gear, If i am lucky to get it ofc.

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Now it is just a questions, about to get in to some raids, and get some loot.

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rugi <3

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Hope it is ok, that i redraw my application, cos a verly nice guild have just ask me to join them. All looks verly ok, in there, and it is much fair to give it a good try

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