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Nightvain's application.

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1 Nightvain's application. on Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:21 am

Character Details

Name: Nightvain
Class: Warlock
Spec: Destruction/Affliction
Realm: Eonar

Armory Profile: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Eonar&cn=Nightvain

Playtime and Raiding

Daily Playtime? I generally play from 6pm (UK time) onwards.

Availability Info:
Sunday: All day mostly.
Monday: 6pm onwards.
Tuesday: All day.
Wednesday:6pm onwards.
Thursday:6pm onwards.
Friday: After 8:30pm.
Saturday: Late at night mostly.

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
Since pre-tbc, although when I bought vanilla tbc was out the week after so since tbc release.

What's your raiding experience pre-TBC?
I didn't raid back then as I bought tbc.

What's your raiding experience TBC?
Was a pvp warlock in tbc but was in karazahn before.

What's your raiding experience WOTLK?
Been in a few raids but failed thanks to previous guilds lying about progress. I have ICC25 achievment though.

Can you provide us a recent WWS report?

Your favorite boss encounter?
I enjoy all boss encounters, I love raiding but never really got a good chance to do it properly.

Your favorite WoW related website and/or forums?
I like curse.com for addons.

Any level 80 alts?
I have a level 80 rogue on eonar called Spaarx

Class Details

Why did you pick your class?
I picked my warlock because I prefered the thougt of playing a caster more than mellee, also being able to do massive damage with my destruction spells.

What do you consider to be your role in high end PvE raiding?
I would be dps, I can use destruction or affliction depending on what is prefered.


What guilds have you been in since you began, what did you like/dislike about them, and why did you leave?

Well I was in <The Nightshift> and <Rebelious Numpties> recently and I left becasue <The Nightshift> claimed to have downed more than the first four bosses in icc10 yet every raid I was invited to they failed. As for <The Rebelious Numpties>, they had a raid the day after I joined and no one came online for it, I was not impressed and left.

What can you offer Quality?
I'm friendly and can bring you a quite nicely geared warlock that is available and reliable. I can also offer help to those who need it if I have the knowledge or capability to do so.

What do you expect from us?
A friendly environment, sharing of knowledge and active raiding.

Do you know anyone from Quality?

Gindi, He/She made some of my gear and been friendly with me.

Applying for other guilds while filling in this apply?

No, I only fill in one guild application at time and wait for a definate answer before finding another.

Real life details

Name: Mark
Age:17 but coming 18 this July on the 11th
Location: United Kingdom
Occupation: College student

Your english skills, spoken and written?
I'm British so yes.

Are you able to use a microphone during raids?
Yes I am, my vent broke so I am downloading it again.

Describe your personality?
I am mature and casual, very motivated and can be serious when need be.

Any additional information you want to share with us?

Have you read the guild rules?
Yes and I agree with them all.

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2 Re: Nightvain's application. on Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:45 am


Use chaotic Skyflare as a meta socket( 21 crit+ increased crit%)

also u have way to much hit, since you're gemming and enchanting for it replace all those gems but 1 so u are capped when raiding

enchants: enchants are missing on almost all pieces of gear.. SoH rep not maxed yet wich is quite easy now.

I suggest u take a look at Elitist jerks for some information about geming, enchanting, ect


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3 Re: Nightvain's application. on Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:32 pm

yeah I know i never got round to changing my gems etc or get enchants but i am currently fixing my charactr up.

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4 Re: Nightvain's application. on Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:45 pm

nightvain wrote:yeah I know i never got round to changing my gems etc or get enchants but i am currently fixing my charactr up.

Why dont you do this BEFORE making an apply?

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5 Re: Nightvain's application. on Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:29 pm

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